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Project Description

 Agile Project Management Tool (APMT) is the automation of Scrum which is an Agile methodology. APMT is a Highly Customizable and Comprehensive Tool. It covers all aspects of Scrum methodology like Maintaining the Project Backlog, Creating Sprints, Creating Sprint Backlog, Conducting Daily ScrumMeeting and Burndown Chart.


Core Features

  - Workload Balancing

  - Custom Fields

  - Risk Assessment

  - Issue Dependency Tracking

  - Customizable Workflow

  - Custom Search Filters

  - Smart Search

  - User Management

  - Error Logging



  - .Net Framework 4.0

  - ASP.Net MVC 2.0

  - C#

  - LINQ

  - jQuery 1.5

  - jQuery User Interface 1.8.9

  - MS SQL Server 2008



  Please download the User Manual from Documentation tab. 






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